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In order to try and meet my clients individual needs and cater for every budget, I have devised a modular approach to my pricing.  This way you are in control of which parts of your special day you wish to capture for a price that's right for you.

Each price includes the high resolution, re-touched images on disc.  This will be accompanied by a copyright release form to enable you to make prints, canvases and albums without any limitations.    

(Optional stylising / re-touching available for an additional fee on an image by image basis)

Getting Ready

£199 - £299

1.   An hours coverage shooting the bridal party getting ready. £199

2.   Two hours coverage shooting both the bridal party and groom getting ready providing they are within 1 mile of each other. £249.

3.   One hour of coverage with a photographer for both the Bride and the Groom

(for when bride and groom are in separate locations more than 1 mile apart) £299

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The Ceremony


Coverage for as long as is needed.


Posed pictures


This covers Portraits of the Bride and Groom plus any portraits of family, friends and any one else you would like.


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£100 - £150 P\H

£100 per hour for myself or

£150 and hour for myself and a second Photographer.


Engagement Session


A two hour portrait shoot on a date before the wedding at any local location you wish. Ideal images for your “save the date” messages

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Bridal Session


Quite often the Bride will have a full dress, hair and make up rehearsal before the big day. Why not take advantage of that time with a portrait shoot of just yourself at any location you wish.

As there is no pressure to be anywhere, there is all the time in the world to try any pose in any location you wish to get that one perfect shot of you in your dress. There is no time limit to this shoot. We’ll just keep shooting until you are happy.

Photo Booth


This is different to a conventional booth.

Rather than having a small booth that only a few people can get into at a time and that takes poor quality images, we set up a large white back ground with lighting and a DSLR camera and invite people to pose individually or in large groups. All images will then be included in your final collection and prints will be available online for family and friends to purchase should they wish.

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Anything else?

Are you creative? Do you have any ideas for photographs you would like to capture? Maybe you have hobbies or interests that you share, or that brought you together, and you would like to incorporate these into your pictures.  Or maybe you have some unique ideas for images that would make your day stand out from the rest.  However eccentric, please do not be shy, I would love to discuss your ideas with you.  Depending on what you have in mind, some of the photographs could be incorporated into the packages above, or after discussion I would be happy to give you a quote on an individual basis.